Coven Sales

Welcome to the Unity Of New Moon Coven's gift Shoppe

We are just getting the shoppe going, but if you are looking for something that you do not find here, feel free to email me, and I will ask the other coveners if they have such an item for sale.

When this shoppe gets going there will be different sections for each seller. Each different seller is a member of this coven, and all items are made and blessed with positive energies. Each seller will have their own methods of payment that they accept. They will be listed at the top of the sellers section. If you have any questions about an item, lease feel free to eail the seller, their email address is at the top of their section.

Blessings and happy looking

Welome to my section! I am the High Priestess of this coven. My Wiccan Name is White WolfStar. Just click on my name to eamil me if you have any questions about any of my products, or would like to buy or trade for any of them. I also trade my items for others of equal value. Most of the things you will find in my section are hand made by me. Sometimes I will put a few things on that I got a duplicate on (like books) through trading, and online auctions. I do have alot of auctions, so check the end of my section for links to them. As far as payments go, I accept Money Orders, checks (with a 10 day hold time), and credit cards, through paypal.


These Runes are all hand painted by me. I have Cheaper Glass sets, check out my auctions for them. These sets are all real gemstones. The prices are under the picture. Please keep in mind that I will trade for other items. I am always looking for books, herbs, Scrying balls and mirrors, and anything unusual. Just mail me and ask.

Gemstone Runes

Price: $35 shipping included

Genuine Amethyst Runes

Price: $45 shipping included

Hi! My Wiccan name is Rayne Walker. You can e-mail me at I mainly make Native American crafts. I am willing to trade for other items, books, etc, or raw materials. I can accept checks and money orders. Brightest Blessings.

My dream catchers right now are being made with an indigo colored suede (they stopped selling the suede lacing locally so that is all I have to work with for now). I use natural guinea, pheasant, and turkey feathers, with some peacock whisps. I can put just about any colored beads on them. As soon as I can I will be getting more colors of suede. I charge each one and offer chants and prayers to Spider as I weave each one. I will include the legend of the dream catcher with each one. I will have new stuff posted as soon as I have the money to get more supplies.