These ornaments are a little tricky to make, but the results are beautiful ! It is also a great way to recycle all of the junk mail and scrap paper we all accumulate. You will need a blender, a terra cotta cookie mold ( one of the really fancy ones you find in cooking speciality stores or sometimes at WalMart) paper, fabric scraps or dryer lint and Pam.

3Dimensional Paper ornaments

Fill a kitchen blender with water, scraps of fabric or dryer lint, blend for one minute.

Place a Terra Cotta Cookie Mold on a folded towel. Spray with Pam. Spread just enough pulp to cover the mold. (Pulp should be very wet and soupy)

Using a sponge, press onto the mold two or three times to remove water. Use an absorbent towel to remove the remaining water. Poke a hole for an ornament hook

Dry in the microwave ( try a minute at a time on high power), convection or conventional oven ( 350 for 30 minutes), hair dryer, window sill, or let stand overnight.

When crispy dry, remove the cotton piece with a thin, sharp, narrow blade knife.

These can be left as is or can be decorated with Acrylic paints. You can also use eye-shadow, blush makeup, and/or acrylic paints for color. Iridescent glitter adds a light sparkle and makes a lovely accent.