I got this from a crafting list I am on, and thought you may find it fun to try.

Subject: Making a pentacle altar tile
Date: 5 Dec 98 12:39:55 PST
From Sephrenia <sephrenia_s@usa.net>

Merry Meet, I sent this to another list (gasp! are there others?!) but wanted to share here too... This is one of the things I made for my altar, I have more but this is the first that came to mind. I am always trying to be a thrify Witch so making tools and items work well for me and cost *much* less than buying, not to mention the energy you infuse them with as you create your items.

Making a Pentacle Altar Tile

Materials Needed:
1 ceramic tile, any size/color you want
(I used the 4x4, and you can get these very cheap at home supply stores like HomeBase or Lumberjack, they are bathroom/kitchen tiles actually. They cost between 15 cents and 1 dollar+ apiece and come in different colors/sizes.)

Acrylic paints in assorted colors, 2oz. bottles (These you can get cheap at craft and hobby supply stores, they cost under $2 apiece and you can get them on sale, especiall around the holidays.)

Clear shellac in a spraycan or the brush-on kind (acquire at craft/hobby supply store also.)

small art paintbrush (if using the brush-oh shellac, get a larger paintbrush or one of those sponge brushes with the handle, this type of shellac is thick.)


round item to trace (I use the bottom of a can.)

something to put your paints in (old egg cartons work great for this or you can get cheap palettes at craft/hobby stores.)

If you want to paint a color background on the tile, do this first and let fully dry, otherwise leave plain. Then trace your pentacle circle on the tile using the can bottom. Draw the rest of your pentacle inside the circle. Using your paints and paintbrush, go over your tracings, using any color you like. You can add designs, element colors, anything you want on your tile, make it your own! While you work visualize energy flowing into your tile, filling it with positive energy and empowering it. When you are done painting, set the tile somewhere where it will not be disturbed so it can dry. After it us dry, paint or spray the clear shellac over it to seal the paints so they won't scratch or chip off. Make sure to spray outside or in a well ventilated area over newspapers. Let dry fully, the thicker you shellac is the longer it will take. Consecrate and bless your tile if you wish and place on your altar, or put away until you are ready to use it. You are done and now have an original altar tile!

This can be done to create all sorts of tiles for many purposes, to give as gifts or just to make your own to use or for decorations, trivets, etc. I have used glitter on some of mine and you can use all sorts of items like shells, beads, stones and crystals, fabric, small mirrors, etc.

Happy Crafting!