I got this from a list I am on, and thought i would share with all of you.

Subject: Plackets
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 02:57:01 -0500
From: eliza <eliza@sacredspiral.com>
Organization: http://www.sacredspiral.com


Plackets (or pockets) are created specifically for placing on your altar. They are made out of two squares of material sewn together along the sides and bottom edge, leaving the top open. The dimensions of the square need to be large enough to hold a couple of photographs. Felt is ideal, because it is available in primary colors and is very easy to work with, although you may want to use other types of material as well. Of course you can also use a combination of two colors - one on each side of the placket - depending on what you want to effect. Here are some examples:

Make an envelope out of blue material and place a photograph of the sick person, a lock of their hair, or some other object, such as a specimen of writing, inside the placket. Empower the placket with healing thoughts and then place it on your altar. Light a blue candle and allow it to burn down completely. Keep the placket on the altar until the invalid is fully recovered.

Make a placket out of vibrant red material, and place inside it a glyph of Mars or Venus - depending on your own preference. Light a red candle, put the placket on your altar for 21 days and stand back! Remember: never manipulate another person against their will. It will rebound on you with ten times as much force.

Make a placket out of blue and white material, placing inside it a picture of the world, together with other relevant photographs - perhaps of trees, dolphins, whales, or war-ravaged areas. Light a white candle to peace every evening for as long as you wish, and spend a few moments radiating healing thoughts out to the world.

There are endless uses for plackets and you can make up one according to your own desires. Each day you should enhance your placket with positive thoughts, taking time to concentrate for a few moments on what you are drawing to you, or wishing for someone else. Thought is a very powerful energy, so be prepared for some remarkable experiences to occur.

Notions and Potions by Susan Bowes