Unitas Ab Novis Luna Covenire

Unity Of New Moon Coven

Welcome to our web site. Please feel free to browse around, and have a look. If you have any questions please feel free to mail our high priestess WiccanTeacher

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Here is a quote, that may interest some of you. Please read it and it may help you understand Wiccans better.

"We are not evil.
We don't harm or seduce
people. We are ordinary
people like you. We have
families, jobs, hopes,
and dreams. We are not a
cult. This religon is
not a joke. We are not
what you think we are
from watching tv. We are
real. We laugh, we cry.
We are serious. We have a
sence of humor, You do
not have to be afraid of
us. We don't want to
convert you, and please
do not try to convert us.
Just give us the same
right we give you, -- to
live in peace. We are
much more similar to you
than you think."
Margot Adler

We are located in the Olean NY / Bradford PA area. If you are looking for a coven to join, then please feel free to mail our High Priestess and she would be happy to send you an aplication.

Ok now for more about us. We are a very earth consious coven. And very animal oriented. We are always looking for new members. We belive in using descression, with coven members, and all dealings with the coven. We do not flaunt our religion. But we do not refrain from practing either.

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