Full moon exerpts from November 1999

Purify The first thing we did wasto purify ourselves, I will be putiing this ritual up in our book of shadows soon. We must make sure our mind and bodies are pure, and well centered. We should do this everyime before we cast a circle.

Grounding To ground yourself (please do afeter you purify yourself) What you need to do is visualize a thin silver cord running from the top of out head all the way down through our feet, and into the ground. center yourself, feel the inner balance, feel the peace in your body. Let it flow around you. feel yourself becoming a part of the earth, and conected to her.

full moon rite

Ok Here are some exerpts from the full moon rite. the room is calm, all are relaxed, The HPS stands with her arms out to the coveners, and the rite begians ......... "when the moon rides on high, as she croses the sky, and the stars on her gown trail behind, then we wiccans below are with love all aglow, just to see her so brightly inshrined. On the night of the full moon, as we sing to the tune, of the lady who watches above, we raise our song, as she glides by so strong, and we bask in the light of her love" The HPS lowers her arms.

This next part is very important to keep in mind ..... "Werever you may be if you seek me know that I am always there, For I abide within you, look then, within yourself if you would seek me, I am life, and I am love, find me and rejoyce Be true to me, and I will ever be true to you Love is the law nd love is the bound So Mote it Be"