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All questions are due in to me by Sunday, as new ones will be posted o this page on Monday. The work is graded, and therefore late work recives points off. The harder you work, the more rewarded you will be. Now onto the questions. :-)

2/4 Questions

Beginer group:

What is the "Wiccan Rede"?

Have Christians ever belived in reincaration?

Advanced Group:

What would you use "Slippery Elm" for?

If the adult does of a medicine is 2 drachms, how much would you give a 7 year old child?

Extra credit:

Your mother-in-law finds your athame and your book of shadows and imidantl thinks you are a worshiper of Satan. What do you tell her? 1/10 Questions

Beginer Group:

What is a Witch's only animosity twards Christianity? (a tough question, I know, sorry)

A witch's only animosity twards the Christian religion is that it claimes to be the only way, and condems others for beliving differently.

Please put these items in the order of prefrance for use as an alter.
(a) Folding metal table
(b) Wooden packing crate
(c) Two concrete blocks and a piece of plywood (d) Tree stump


Advanced Group:

The date of your next Esabat meeting is also the full moon. Which of the following rituals should you do, and in what order?
(a)Cakes and Ale
(b)Erecting the temple
(c)Full moon rite
(d)Clearing the temple
(e)New moon rite
(f)Esabat rite


Is the Wiccan Handfasting rite a lifetime joining of man and woman?

No for 2 reasons, 1 wiccan laws accept same sex weddings, and 2 They pledge themselves to each other for as long as thier love shall last. If their love was to end, then so would their joining.they would be free to go their seprate ways.

Extra credit:

When was the law against WItchcraft repealed in England?


12/13 Questions

Beginer group:

Name 6 magickal tools, or alter items, and what they are used for.

Please write an original 4 to 8 line chant for any situation you like. Advanced group:

please discribe the tool that means the most to you.

example : The tool that means the most to me is my wand. I han made my wand, and although it is not totaly compleat I feel very coected to it. it has a power crystal on the end, held on to the branch of a tree I found while walking, by a strip of blue material with little silver stars on it. Then there is a stnd of whie leather bound to the and, and also a purple one, leaving all 4 ends loose. on each of these 4 ends I have put 4 iridesent white pony beads, and a blue feather. then added a sun charm to the spot on the wand where it all comes together. About 3 inches down from that i put another strip of the white leather, and beads and feathers, with a star charm. then down twards the handle I placed 2 more star charms, spaced out, and at the very bottom I placed a moon and star charm. hope to add some painted designs down the lenght of the wand, and maybe even some gliter. The reason this tool is so special to me is the fact that I have made it, with the help of my 3 year old daughter. She went to the store, and helped me pick out the things I would need, and also helped me by holding the wand still, and handing me the things I needed.

Please look up and find what these goddesses all have in common.


They are all Godeses of the moon

12/6 Questions

Beginer group:

What are the 4 elements, their direction, and the color that represents them?

Earth ~ north ~ green, Air ~ east ~ yellow, Fire ~ south ~ red, Water ~ west ~blue

Why would it be wrong to do a spell to make someone you really like to fall in love with you?

Because it would interfear with the other persons free will. Besides would you really want someone to be in love with you ONLY because you cast a spell on them??????

Advanced group:

Write a chant to heal yourself (all will be combined into one healing spell for the coven BOS)

Please discribe what the summerland is.

summerland is a place where he soul goes to await the next mission, be it rebirth, or be it as a guide o help others.

Extra credit for both groups, Mail me your faverite wicca-craft recipie. (oil, incense, moon cakes, and such)

12/1 Questions

beginer group:

In Spell work, what are the following candle colors used for?

Green ~ prosparity, fertility, sucess, good luck, rejuvination, money

White ~ concentration, rituals, meditations, divinations, truth, peace, the moon. "May be substituted for any other color candle"

Black ~ banishes evil or negitivity

Red ~ Health, passion, love, fertility, strength, courage, will power

Purple ~ power, sucess, idealism, Psychic manisfatations, independence, financila rewards "also used to make contact with the other world"

Indigo ~ stops situations or people

Blue ~ wisdome, harmony, inner peace, tranquility

Gold~ understading, fast money, or luck

Grey ~ nutralises negitive influinces

Yellow ~ attraction charm, confinince

Orange ~ controling run away emotions, personal creativity, increasing memory, career, legal issues, obtaining information, can enhance breaking of spells, quick change

Silver ~ stability, removes negitivity, develops psychic ablilty

Brown ~ earthly balance, eliminates indeciciveness, improves concentration, study, telepathy, locats lost items

Take a look around you in everyday events and see if you can find anything magickal happening in it, and tell us what it was.

advanced group:

What is the three fold law, and what does it mean to you?

The three fold law is what ever energies you send out Good OR Bad will coe back to you three times. So it would be in your own best interest to send out only good energies.

What does ethics have to do with the craft?

Ethics have a lot do do with the craft. You would not want to interfear with anyone's free will, and their thinking, as you would not like it if they did that to you.

11/15 Questions

Please discribe what Yule is, and why we celebrate it.

Yule is also caled the winter solstice, and is the sortest day of theyear. We are celebrating te re-birth of the god, when we celebrate this holy day. For more information please see the Yule page.

What are the 3 different plant materials the traditional witches broom was made out of, and why?

Answer: The handle was made out of ash. Ash gave the witch power over storms. The Sweep was made of Birch twigs. The Brch procvided protection from evil spirits. The binding was made out of willow. Willow was used to bind the witch to the service of her Goddess.